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Directorate of Quality Assurance in University supervise the whole process of Quality Assurance and how conducting this process according to the instructions from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraqi Kurdistan. In general, QA works on these contexts:
1. Teaching Quality Assurance.
2. Continuous Academic Development.
3. Curriculum Development.
4. Teachers' portfolio.
5. Licensing and Accreditation.
6. Alumni.

Directorate of Quality Assurance (QA)

Establishing a Directorate of Quality Assurance in every university was put in plan by the Ministry of Higher Education, we, as University of Human Development, decided to fulfill the ministry's requirements. Hence, directorate by the name of Quality Assurance was opened according to university law no. (232/2) on (July 1, 2010). The duties all this directorate are to manage all the works related to Quality Assurance as well as Continuous Academic Development. In each college, there's a coordinator appointed by the quality assurance, together whom they make the general committee of quality assurance. The head of this committee is the directorate of quality assurance, and the committee is directly related to the University president.